The Easiest Way to Manage Your Leads & Deals from Messenger

With ChatPro you can quickly pull leads from groups or posts, message them, and keep track of them easier than ever! It makes selling on Facebook super easy.

Our Features

KPI Dashboard

View statistics about the amount of leads you have pulled in, how many you’ve reached out to, and other KPIs such as booked calls or closed deals. Toss out the spreadsheet and use our great-looking dashboard instead!


Bulk import leads from a Facebook in a matter of seconds! ChatPro lets you import leads from a group, a post, your friends list, or even Messenger. You can even assign a dollar value to the lead, add their phone number, and add links to their website or to another CRM.


Once you have leads, you can easily add them to a pipeline, so you can start conversations and walk your leads through your sales process. The visual swim-lanes of the pipeline make it simple and quick to see who you need to follow up with.

Lists & Tags

Easily organize your leads by adding them to lists or tagging them with a tag.

Cancel Friend Requests

If you’re prospecting well, you’ll eventually max out the amount of friends that you can request. Our tool can automatically remove your unanswered friend requests to make space for new ones!

Auto Reaction

Staying top-of-mind is critical when working leads on Facebook. Our Auto-Reaction tool lets you automatically “react” to prospect posts.

Block Leads

Got someone you don’t want to talk to? Just block them in the app, and they will never get pulled in from another lead list again (unless you unblock them).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Beta testers will get access to all features of the tool for as long as they are subscribers. That’s our thanks to you for being early to the party!

Yes! When editing a lead, you can add a note which conveniently shows on both the Leads page and on the Pipeline view.

Impossible! But if you really don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back within the first 30 days.

It allows you to easily keep track of your leads as they move through your sales process!

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